Going Postal Site Development


I'll update this page with our progress and any issues I have, those of you with some WordPress and/or technical experience can chip in if you wish.

Currently, rather than use the 'test' address I just got stuck in, not the best way to go about it but I'm assuming I can bin what I've done and start again if necessary.

Current status is:

  • Site is up with the 'old' address Going-Postal.Org
  • The Theme (the website template) has been a pain in that trying to find one that does all the things I want seems to be a case of trial and error unless we pay someone. . . . Having said that I'm reasonably happy with the latest selection but it's not very sophisticated. Different themes have different capabilities as well as different layouts.
  • I have posted an article from here to see what a 'proper' post looks like.
  • I have not installed Disqus yet as I haven't decided on a template yet, that has to come first so don't bother commenting as I can't be arsed to do moderation there for the moment.
  • The author rights are great, I will add authors to the main site as soon as it is running, you will be able to lay your own posts up without being able to screw anything else up, it is trivially easy and of course I can help.


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