Friday, 31 March 2017

White House Press Briefing 31st March 2017

Operation Biting, Part Two

Blown Periphery, Going Postal

A Triumph of Combined Operations

On 24 February 1942 Frost and his men finished packing the equipment containers for dispatch to RAF Thruxton in Hampshire, but the weather conditions were inappropriate to mount the raid.  February 27th was considered to be the last possible day to mount the operation, but weather conditions were still not ideal.  The naval force departed for France that afternoon and the paratroopers were ferried to Thruxton for the long, brooding wait until nightfall.  Group Captain Norman had a last O-group with Frost and told him there was snow lying on the other side of the Channel.  The Major was annoyed that this hadn’t been identified earlier so that they could have got their hands on white, camouflaged snowsuits.  Frost made a last tour of his men and then with a piper blasting out their various regimental marches, the raiders marched to their aircraft.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Question Time with Going Postal, 30th March 2017

Question Time with Going-Postal.Net

David Dimbleby chairs topical debate from Carlisle.

On the panel are Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson, Labour MP Lisa Nandy, Ukip leader Paul Nuttall, Unite general secretary Len McCluskey and the news editor of the Institute of Economic Affairs think tank, Kate Andrews.

White House Press Briefing 30th March 2017

Press briefing with Sean Spicer 6.30 pm.

Lloyds of London 'My Word is my Bond' A Page in the Diary

Eraser of Love, Going Postal

6am: Unleash bowel movement Purging yesterdays Petrol washed translucent flake cocaine, continental lager and sundry sweet meats.

6.10am: Get up.

6.11am: Think about Killing Myself. Shower/power wank  while thinking of the Receptionists Feet , toe rings and Ankle Chain, thus processing remaining toxins down the plug hole.Catharsis Most Foul.Self worth at all time low.

6.45am: violent argument with wife.

7 am: No time for breakfast , off to work!.

The Flag of a Sovereign Nation

Going Postal

The United Kingdom is once more a sovereign nation, just rejoice at that news.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

White House Press Briefing 29th March 2017

Press briefing with Sean Spicer 5.00 pm.

So Long, and Thanks for Stealing All the Fish

Article 50 PMQs with Going Postal, 29th March 2017

Going Postal
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PMQs live stream here on Going Postal TV.

King's Quest - Afterword

Cynic, Going Postal
Afterwards there were hard years. No one could still the tempests or feed all of the hungry. Greater sensitivity to nature, prompted by inner sources, may have helped mitigate some of the harshness. Greater honesty of administration and patriotic fellow feeling prompting effort and sharing certainly helped. The spirit of Wessex, if not the bodies of its inhabitants was greatly strengthened. In the presence of the King and his sword and the Wyvern standard and fire, all knew themselves to be united and to be of Wessex. No falsehood could pass for truth in the presence of the sword of truth. Wyvern shrines became widespread and it was invoked at the opening of all public business, as well as privately by people who sought guidance and desired some inner contact or some means to serve their Land, King and people.

There were some who, even in the presence of the King, the Sword and the Wyvern, still could not perceive or accept that there was anything beyond material appearances. Most of the scoffers had learned the error of their ways, but the spiritual defectives were sub-human monsters that could not be permitted to pollute and pervert Wessex by their continued existence, so they had had to be slaughtered. Even plants and animals had their own connections to the Otherworld, and did not deny their natures. Humans who fell below that level were an abomination.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

White House Press Briefing 28th March 2017

Press briefing with Sean Spicer 6.00 pm.

Incarceration, Part Four

Coloniescross, Going Postal

Banged Up

Colin paused for a drink of his beer, nodded at me with a bit of a grin and then went on;

“This is where we get to the point of the tale” he said “you asked me what I thought about the state  of prisons and why it appears that it is impossible to keep discipline. All I can do is tell you what  it was like for me, some of my memory of it is pretty sketchy but other bits seem as if they only  happened yesterday”.   Colin laughed when he said this and continued; “I might have to use a bit of  poetic license”.

The officer behind the desk looked down at Colin and asked for his name, he was told to strip, his  clothing was packed into a cardboard box, along with his few valuables and, in exchange, he was handed  a pile of clothes and marched to a communal bath house. He was searched while naked, including having  to “spread his cheeks” while the accompanying officer shone a torch into his rectum. “It was all  pretty humiliating, I was told to run a bath with no more than four inches of water in it and then,  while the officer looked on I had to scrub myself down with a rough old flannel. I then got dressed in  clean but pre used underwear, a grey shirt and an itchy brown blouson jacket and trousers”.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Question Time Brexit Special with Going Postal, 27th March 2017

Question Time with Going-Postal.Net

Brexit Special

David Dimbleby presents a special edition of Question Time from Birmingham - Britain after Brexit. On the panel are secretary of state for exiting the EU David Davis, shadow secretary of state for exiting the EU Sir Keir Starmer, former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, former first minister of Scotland Alex Salmond, deputy chair of Ukip Suzanne Evans and Times columnist Melanie Phillips.

White House Press Briefing 27th March 2017

Press briefing with Sean Spicer 6.30 pm.

The Sun - page 2 unfortunately....

Previously, we looked at our Sun and how it works however only a small part was covered. We saw that  quantum tunneling allowed protons to fuse in conditions that classical physics - that relying only on  kinetic energy being enough to overcome the electrostatic coulomb barrier - would allow. This article will cover the main parts of the rest of the process going on in the Sun as well as larger stars.

Larger, heavier elements

So far, we have fused 2 protons together however a process called β+ decay converts one of the protons in to a neutron to make the nucleus stable - consider that both protons are positive in charge so they  will want to repel. The thing we have now is a deuteron with 1 proton and 1 neutron which is written  as 21H. It has 2 'things' in the nucleus and 1 of them is a proton with the H denoting it as hydrogen;  it is a hydrogen isotope meaning that it is like hydrogen but slightly different. At this stage, it is  likely that a stray passing proton (remember this is a hydrogen nucleus and hydrogen is plentiful in  our Sun) will fuse with this creating 32He which is a helium isotope with 3 nucleons, 2 of which are  protons and the other is a neutron. More often than not in our Sun, this will react with another 32He created similarly and form a true helium nucleus 42He and 2 separate protons. Congratulations, you have now navigated what is known as PPI which is the most common branch of our star's proton-proton  fusion chain!

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Tilda -- A Comedy in Six Acts -- 2.6

Tachybaptus, Going Postal



A Chamber in the Royal Palace. Enter KING VUSILLUS, QUEEN

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Kygo & Alan Walker best songs selection remix

Tilda -- A Comedy in Six Acts -- 2.5

Tachybaptus, Going Postal



The Garden of the Royal Palace at Purdonium. Enter KING VUSILLUS,

All and Everything

Gmbd, Going Postal

You have a life, you get older, things happen, you try to learn by observing what happened and more importantly your own reaction to something that happened.

Friday, 24 March 2017

NEW Feeling Deep Mix 2017 - Best Of Deep House Party Music & Chill Out Remixes

White House Press Briefing 24th March 2017

They Said it Couldn’t Happen

Coloniescross, Going Postal
It started off as a normal Tuesday night in late March 2017; Colin had just come out of the shower and  was finishing his shave. The domino match, the first round of the post season knock out cup, was away  so he figured he had about 30 minutes or so to dry himself off, shave and get dressed before his lift  turned up.

Colin always looked forward to Tuesday nights in domino season, good crack, some beers and a dozen or  so games of 5’s & 3’s. His musings were disturbed by a knock on the front door, unusual in the small  village where he lived, but not unknown.  He made himself as presentable as he could, given he was  wrapped in a bath towel and had his dressing gown on and went to answer the by now insistent knocking.  His wife called from the kitchen to ask who it was, Colin thought “If I knew that I’d have x-ray  vision, FFS” but said nothing and proceeded to answer the door.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Question Time with Going Postal, 23rd March 2017

Question Time with Going-Postal.Net

David Dimbleby chairs topical debate from Bangor, north Wales.

On the panel are Conservative policing minister Brandon Lewis, shadow defence secretary Nia Griffith, leader of Plaid Cymru Leanne Wood, Church of England priest and Guardian columnist Giles Fraser and the Times, Spectator and GQ columnist Hugo Rifkind.

White House Press Briefing 23rd March 2017

Press briefing with Sean Spicer 5.30 pm.

Operation Biting, Part One

Blown Periphery, Going Postal

On Friday 5th December 1941, a lone Spitfire flown by Flight Lieutenant (Flt Lt) Tony Hill thundered  south-westerly down the French coast at 200 feet, underneath a solid overcast.  The Spitfire was  unarmed and carried extra fuel in an auxiliary tank behind the pilot.  In the rear fuselage was an  obliquely mounted F.24 camera.  This photographic reconnaissance (PR) mission was the culmination of a  number of operations instigated at the request Doctor R. V. Jones, who was then Assistant Director of  Intelligence (Science) at the Intelligence Section of the Air Ministry.  These low-level missions were  known as “Dicing” Ops, as in Dicing with Death and the pilot kept craning his head around to make sure  he wasn’t being tailed by the extremely aggressive “Abbeville Boys,” the German fighters from JG 26.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

White House Press Briefing 22nd March 2017

Press briefing with Sean Spicer 5.30 pm.

PMQs with Going Postal, 22nd March 2017

Going Postal
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PMQs live stream here on Going Postal TV.

King's Quest - Revelation

Cynci, Going Postal
“He really is mad. This proves it.” Princess Matilda was talking to Lady Cecily  Danvers, Countess of Salisbury and a group of her friends. “He’s summoned everyone  who matters from across the land to display his toy sword to them. We thought he’d  forgotten about it and buckled down to being King, but the madness seems to have  come back. This time everyone will see it and will have to do something about it.”

“It would be too embarrassing not to,” agreed Cecily. “A Regency Council seems the  obvious thing, unless John has enough support to be Prince Regent?”

“I’m very disappointed in John,” said Matilda. “He just doesn’t seem to care.”

There was much discussion and uncertainty as people took their places in the Great  Hall and awaited the arrival of the King. Many had worries and conflicting concerns  which they hoped to raise, and with the swirling rumours weakening the authority of  the King there was little confidence that this meeting would achieve much, and  considerable fear about what might happen if the King demonstrated that he was no  longer a mentally capable ruler.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

White House Press Briefing 21st March 2017

Press briefing with Sean Spicer 5.30 pm.

Incarceration, Part Three

Coloniescross, Going Postal

We had been talking for about an hour by now and it was my turn to get the pints in. I often find it quite surprising when I learn things about people that I would have found hard to believe if someone else had related them to me. I don’t suppose you ever really know anyone until you sit down and get them to open up about themselves. I was enthralled by the story though and urged Colin to continue.

Arrest and Incarceration

“We were oblivious to time and we were only concerned with stealing what we could. You have to remember that we had been on a drug and alcohol bender for days, which tends to make you bold and careless in equal measure” Colin said.

Of course, the noise from the breaking glass and the damaging of the premises had alerted the people living locally and they had naturally called the police. Colin had no recollection of how long they had been inside the premises before they were warned to come out with empty hands and give themselves up. Colin himself realised that the game was up; there was no other way out of the building and there were several policemen outside the front. Chris though had different ideas, not long out of prison he shouted to the police to come in and get him, telling them it wouldn’t be easy. To emphasise his point he hurled a display stand at the open door.

Mass Murdering Terrorist Scumbag Martin 'kneecaps' McGuinness is Dead

One down, one to go.

Monday, 20 March 2017

President Donald Trump Rally in Louisville, KY (20th March, 2017)

White House Press Briefing 20th March 2017

Press briefing with Sean Spicer 5.30 pm.

The Great Emu War

Stanm, Going Postal
In the years following World War 1, the Australian Government struggled to find things for their veterans to do upon returning home. From 1915, a 'soldier settlement scheme’ began to be rolled out across all states, and eventually it saw around 5,030 ex-soldiers given plots of land, which they were to convert into working farms, primarily to cultivate wheat and sheep.

By September 1920, the government had purchased 90,000 hectares for the veterans, but still needed more, and started to place the remaining soldiers in some pretty marginal areas of Perth in Western Australia. This made things tough, because setting up a prosperous farm with little to no experience in a good area is no small feat, let alone in an area where the land is barely useable. The veterans were put under even more pressure when the Great Depression hit in 1929, causing wheat prices to plummet. The government promised subsidies for wheat, but those subsidies never came.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again

Tilda -- A Comedy in Six Acts -- 2.4

Tachybaptus, Going Postal



A Chamber in the Royal Palace. Enter PRINCE FELIX and his Friend

The GP Sunday Special - Homemade Salt Beef

'Gypsy' Dave Cooper, Going Postal
NOT 'Gypsy' Dave Cooper's Salt Beef

Many years ago when I dared to visit East London on business myself and the old man would always visit a Jewish bakery in Bethnal Green and feast ourselves on some amazing salt beef sandwiches. Ever since then I’ve tried all sorts of supermarket versions but they never came close, so I thought sod it, I’ll try and make my own. It’s dead simple and just requires a bit of patience for the beef brisket to cure but it is well worth the wait. Also be aware that the Yanks call salt beef ‘corned beef’ which can be confusing as corned beef in the UK is totally different to salt beef.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Tilda -- A Comedy in Six Acts -- 2.3

Tachybaptus, Going Postal



The Banqueting Hall at the Royal Palace. The Table is laden with rich


After my divorces I was homeless, after the last one I travelled about.
There is a freedom about being homeless but you need money to pay for petrol.

Anyway somebody said I could stay in their little cottage in Clare for a bit 'till I sorted myself out.
God is it a bit bleak ?
I gathered myself together and decided to investigate the springs that were about and the possible reasons why the springs might be associated with saints.

I am not a scholar myself.
I grasp something immediately and that is more or less what I want to know.
The big picture and the details are the details for me not for somebody else unless I say.

Friday, 17 March 2017

President Trump and Chancellor Merkel Hold a Joint Press Conference

Problems, Problems

Coloniescross, Going Postal
Dear Marjorie & Claire,

Hello, I do hope that you can help; my neighbours and I live in a very nice cul- de-sac (Britannia Way) of four detached houses. For many years now we have enjoyed  a special relationship built on shared values and common interest.

During the time we have lived here there has grown up a very large estate on a  brown field site to the rear of our land. The people living on this estate are very  different to us and although we have tried to engage with them we have had little  success. All that has happened is we are now less well off, the value of our homes  is fast diminishing and the demands of our newer neighbours to share in our once  rural idyll has become more and more vociferous. Recently there has been an influx  of people from further afield. At least with those already living on the estate we  shared some commonality but this latest group of people are in no way similar to  ourselves.

They all seem to believe that work is not a requirement, that women are second  class citizens, that our children are their playthings and we owe them a living.

The Nuremberg Raid - Part Four, Within the Context of the Strategic Bombing Offensive

In the months following the Nuremberg, Bomber Command carried out the directives in  preparation for the invasion of France.  It attacked the railway network that was  vital for the Germans in moving their reinforcements, in particular the armoured  divisions.  The whole of the French and Belgium railway network was attacked so  that the Germans wouldn’t identify Normandy as the invasion site.  The crews  appreciated these shorter raids into France, although French targets only counted  as one third of an operation towards the tour length of 30. Whenever possible  Harris sent a force into Germany and the raids became more effective due to  improved techniques and marking pioneered by No 5 Group.

In the period after D-Day, the Command was sent against the V-Weapon launching and  assembly sites, the V1 Ski Ramps hidden in woods, the vast underground V2 assembly  and launching bunker at La Coupole and the V3 Supergun complex at Mimoyecques.  La  Coupole was attacked with “Tallboy” 12,000lb armour piercing bombs that penetrated  the underground complex and lifted and tilted the concrete cupola.  It never  assembled or launched a single V2.  If you are in the Pas de Calais, the site is  well worth a visit, housing a museum to rocketry and space travel and predictably  La Résistance, but in typical bloody French style, not a mention of the Bomber  Command aircraft that destroyed it.  Harris’s Command had proved that as well as a  very blunt instrument it could carry out precision attacks.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Question Time with Going Postal, 16th March 2017

Question Time with Going-Postal.Net

David Dimbleby chairs topical debate from Bognor Regis.

On the panel are Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, Labour MP Angela Eagle, the SNP's home affairs and justice spokesperson Joanna Cherry, the chairman of the Wetherspoon pub chain Tim Martin and the Times columnist, Matthew Parris.

White House Press Briefing 16th March 2017

Press briefing with Sean Spicer 6.00 pm.

Incarceration, Part Two

Coloniescross, Going Postal

A Slippery Slope

Once he got back home Colin had reluctantly been allowed to move into the house owned by his step father but he wasn’t really welcome. His mother had made her choices and she wasn’t about to risk what she now had for the sake of her wayward son. Consequently he spent as much time out of the house as possible. To his mother he had fallen in with a “very bad crowd” before he had moved to Stratford. So far as Colin was concerned he had been amongst friends.

On his return it hadn’t taken Colin long to get back in with the “very bad crowd” of guys he had hung around with before he’d left. He hadn’t really kept in touch and was quite surprised at how much had changed in the 18 months that he’d been away.  Speed was overwhelmingly the drug of choice and the favourite way of getting hold of pills was by burgling chemist shops.

Two or three pharmacies were getting raided every week with varying degrees of success.  Some of the gang had already done a spell in a detention centre and others were currently away doing time in places like Stoke Heath and Feltham, both Borstal Training facilities. Others, slightly older, were either (or recently had been) in main stream prisons like Armley and Strangeways.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

President Donald Trump Rally in Nashville, TN (15th March, 2017)

Best Of Deep House Sessions Music 2017 Chill Out Mix by Drop G


PMQs with Going Postal, 15th March 2017

Going Postal
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PMQs live stream here on Going Postal TV.

King's Quest - Awakening

Cynic, Going Postal
Spring was late and well advanced before word came from Dragon Hill. The King was beginning to lose hope of the sword. He was still determined to be as true a king as he could manage, even without the assistance of the Otherworld. He kept himself busy, learning the administrative complexities of kingship, presiding over courts of justice, visiting and inspecting his troops, officials and estates, making himself known and his presence felt across the land, assessing the personalities characters and capacities of those around him. No one knew where or when the King might appear, who he might talk to, nor what he might ask. He took an interest in the work of craftsmen and farmers and labourers as well as officials and landowners. He heard many complaints and often had to patiently explain why he could do little or nothing about most of them ...the crops would not grow to please him, although his interest took the edge from many grievances. People got used to seeing his cavalcade pass, or even stop to talk to them. Sometimes he and his entourage would share a drink with them, from his own supplies. He was not extravagant; so many people accepted that despite the difference in scale between his and their income and expenses, his budget was as tight as theirs and his tasks more arduous than their own. He became respected and even liked. However, he did not stray very far from the centre of his kingdom, seldom more than a day’s ride, in case word came for him.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

White House Press Briefing 14th March 2017

Press briefing with Sean Spicer 5:00 6.00 pm.

Brexit and Trump was a racist coup - We can't allow it to stand

Mr Cloud, Going Postal

The future is queer and multicultural. The liberal left must stand stand with its allies in the Muslim community, Black Lives Matter and the feminist movement to ensure this progressive revolution. 

It wasn't supposed to be this way. Discredited, bad ideas were supposed to disappear into the ash heap of history never to darken our doorways again. The progressive, colourful, open minded, feminist, gender bending path we seemed to be on appeared to be a seamless journey; but as we know, things rarely run smoothly. Struggles we thought we had already fought and won and were now behind us now have to be all over fought again.

The movements that brought us Brexit and Trump were the last anguished cry of a dying white male patriarchal system rebelling against the increasingly brown, trans and queer modern world. A petulant regressive, retrograde rejection of inclusivity and tolerance. It was - and let's be honest - a coup of an angry mostly male and pale minority terrified about losing their influence in a fast changing environment that saw gay marriage legalised and emergence and acceptance of a previously suppressed trans community very quickly in the last few years.

Monday, 13 March 2017

White House Press Briefing 13th March 2017

Press briefing with Sean Spicer 5:00 pm.

Politicizing the nursery

Joe Slater, Going Postal
The following article appeared in the February 2016 edition of Baby und Familie (Baby and Family), a magazine distributed free at German pharmacies, which means with state endorsement. A wrap on the minor rumpus it caused is given on Gates of Vienna (Don't let your babies grow up to be Nazis) and on various bad-thinking German-language websites. But as far as I know, nobody has done a proper translation into English. Which is a pity, as few things I have read in recent years capture so succinctly what is wrong with Germany today. So here goes.


Original German text by Julia Jung

Increasingly, day nurseries are seeking help because they have to deal with RIGHTWING PARENTS: How do you react to this, when their ideology and discrimination penetrate into the everyday life of the kindergarten?

Rightwing extremism: the word prompts fear, you think of burning refugee shelters, men with shaven heads, or even of the crimes of the NSU (Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund, National Socialist Underground). You do not generally associate it with women, families and children. And precisely here arises a great danger.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Tilda -- A Comedy in Six Acts -- 2.2

Tachybaptus, Going Postal



The Sewing Room in the Royal Palace. Enter TILDA and ETTY, bearing a
Basket of Stuffs and Ribbons.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

The First Summer Special Mix 2017

Tilda -- A Comedy in Six Acts -- 2.1

Tachybaptus, Going Postal



The Bower of QUEEN VULPECULA in the Royal Palace of Purdonium.
Enter VULPECULA in her Undergarments and ETTY, her Maidservant,
bearing a Corset.


Gmbd, Going Postal
The greatest compliment I received was
"You are the only person I know that does not have a personality"

I have let things slip but that is by the by.

Sometimes you get confronted by an enthusiastic person on a mission to convert you to see the world as they see it.
I was once accosted by two american born again Christians who I was at first willing to engage in conversation but then one of them was saying that he was seeing angels dying on the cafe floor the more I expressed my disinterest in their view of reality.
And the Greenham Common women were something else.

I wondered
How do people get to be like that ?
To all adopt the same ideas about the way something should be.

I used to associate with some people concerned with selling fashionable clothing.
There were services that you could subscribe to saying what the colours were going to be for the next autumn and that sort of thing.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Russian Music

White House Press Briefing 10th March 2017

The Nuremberg Raid - Part Three, The Targets and Return Flight

Blown Periphery, Going Postal
31st March 1944
After the turn towards Nuremberg, 10 more bombers were destroyed 9 Lancasters and a Halifax.   One of the Lancasters was shot down by veteran fighter pilot Major Martin Drews by a  Schräge Musik attack, a short burst into the Lancaster’s starboard wing.  There was no  return fire and the bomber went straight down   Next day 6 bodies were found in the fuselage  wreckage and the body of the real gunner was found in the tail some distance away.  He was  Flight Lieutenant Trevor-Roper and had flown as Guy Gibson’s gunner during the Dams Raid of  May 1943.

As the stragglers made the turn south for the run-in, the Pathfinders were over the target,  or rather what they believed was the target.  They found that the ground was obscured by a  thick layer of cloud extending from 2,000 to 12,000 feet.  This was extremely unfortunate  because the Pathfinders’ marking pyrotechnics, codename “Newhaven” were for visual marking  of a moonlit target and not “Wanganui” for sky marking.  Additionally the crews of the main  force had been briefed for a “Newhaven” attack.  Two Mosquitos in the Pathfinders should  have located the target on their H2S radars to drop green markers, but one of the aircraft’s  H2S wasn’t operating and the second Mosquito was elsewhere. Because the backer-up marker  Pathfinders had failed to appreciate the much changed forecast winds they had been blown to  the east.  These aircraft were over Lauf, a much smaller town than Nuremberg, but one that  gave a similar radar picture on the H2s.  While some realised their error, at least 4  aircraft dropped their markers.  Most of the accurate markers were burning merrily  underneath the cloud.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Question Time with Going Postal, 9th Marchy 2017

Question Time with Going-Postal.Net

David Dimbleby chairs topical debate from Sunderland.

On the panel are culture secretary Karen Bradley MP, shadow chancellor John McDonnell MP (Commie bastard), SNP international trade spokesperson Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh MP, Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee (Silly old cow), and Fraser Nelson (Wet as fuck), editor of The Spectator.

White House Press Briefing 9th March 2017

Press briefing with Sean Spicer 5.45 pm.

School, and finding a love, of learning

I was an inquisitive child, I wanted to know how, and why. Mum was one of those who thought 'just because' was an answer. Dad was much better but worked several jobs so wasn't around as much. Big brother and his mates weren't much use either. I remember a 'discussion' about a tractor. The man a few houses up worked on the farm and drove back for dinner on his Farmall three wheel tractor which he left running, I said he should stop it and restart it when he'd had his dinner. Big Brother, having heard the throwaway line from a grown up I suppose, stated that 'it didn't use any fuel on tickover', insisted that I was wrong. I do remember, at the age of five, standing my ground saying it must use something otherwise it wouldn't go until clouts from Big Brother and his mate ended the debate. I remember an earlier time being taken to see the the runners with the Olympic torch passing by on 'The Turnpike' as my parents called the A30 road some five or six miles away. I remember being thoroughly puzzled by the lights in the road that came on when a car came along and switched off after it passed. I thought it pretty clever, we didn't have lights in our lanes. I'm thinking it may have been the '48 Olympics when I was nearly three. Perhaps this early curiosity was what led me into engineering and design.