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Question Time with Going Postal, 30th June 2016

Question Time with Going-Postal.Net

Question Time from Preston. On the panel: are Conservative education minister Sam Gyimah MP, Labour's shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry MP, Ukip's Douglas Carswell MP, comedian (not another one) Russell Kane and the Times columnist Melanie Phillips.

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The Killing of Sister Jo

Murder on our streets, political opportunism and what Jo really wanted, is this as low as the left can go?

Not one person I know can have taken any pleasure in the senseless murder of the clearly intelligent, passionate but in my opinion misguided politician and charity worker Jo Cox. That this young woman was needlessly and callously murdered when going about her day to day business by an obviously disturbed and confused man whose motives are yet to be fully (if ever) disclosed makes it all the more tragic.

I feel for her parents and siblings, no one should live to see the death of a child, although all too many have suffered this fate in this modern “peaceful” world of ours. I feel even more deeply for her children, although I am certain they would have been indoctrinated in the politics and world view of the left, had she lived, they have been denied a mother’s love and that is a terrible shame.

Jo Cox was murdered on the same day that the UKIP Leave campaign released a poster with the slogan “Breaking Point”. It showed, so far as I am aware, a sorry queue of humanity, mainly male migrants from the Middle East, attempting to get into Europe via Hungary. These people, if they had gained asylum, would have been able, in due course, to apply for citizenship in the country granting asylum and would then have been entitled to free movement under EU labour rules. Many of them could and would have come to Britain. Some of them would have not bothered to try to claim asylum but taken their chances on crossing the porous borders of Europe and again could easily have ended up in Britain, The Breaking Point slogan alluded, quite legitimately I feel to the fact that Britain cannot continue to support unlimited immigration.

Britain Demands Action Whilst Politicians Simply Squabble

Schrödinger's cat, Going Postal
Inactivity from the vegetables of Westminster

We voted for Brexit. There was a decisive majority. Now nothing is happening.

The Labour Party has committed mass suicide. The Liberal Democrats are forgotten. Who cares? Many stupid Tory MPs could not even follow the wishes of their constituents. The whips are still acting to stop Boris – they don't understand that they should be neutral.

What are we left with? A rudderless ship – headed straight for the rocks – unless we get some action. But very few MPs have ever run a business because they are all 'professional' now – this translates directly into 'has no life experience of any use to mankind'.

The £55m a day (or £35m if you still believe the DT) we were giving away to the EU is still being paid. Lunacy!

We could claw back that daily amount just by international trading - if someone bothered to pull their finger out! We could cover that after just 30 days of concerted effort. Day after day we would be better off dealing with parts of the world where growth is double or even treble that of Europe's.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Who runs the country?

Stewart, Going Postal
Before you read on you must know that my avatar is the king in yellow, you have been warned.

Who runs the country, parliament, the political establishment, old style capitalists in silk hats, banksters  (wink ,wink browndog) or a self-appointed liberal inquisition? We are about to find out. I guess you know what I think and I also think that we are about to see it exercise its overwhelming power by overturning the referendum result. 'How will they do that you ask'. To know that first we need to know who they are.

So what do I mean by the liberal inquisition? Do I mean a secret organisation , a kind of illuminati that meet cowled in subterranean temples to work their fiendish schemes? No, common purpose notwithstanding, of course not. They are more pernicious more powerful than any lizard freemasonry could ever be. They are what the French call the 68ers, what we called in my far off hard left days as the bourgeois intelligentsia. Those patrician class brats who demonstrated in Grosvenor square. Outside of the American embassy in 1968 waving their rolled up copies of 'Red Mole'

Love Thy Neighbour

Ang Ryman, Going Postal


There are good lessons of life which are taught and learned by followers of religions – by those who believe in God.  I am close to being an atheist – I continue to seek answers to the question of whether a god exists – but have yet to be presented with convincing evidence. But that matters not, for many religious writings contain helpful and loving messages.

Mark 12:31  “...Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment that is greater than these…”

Neighbourliness is the bedrock of civil society. To respect the rights of one’s neighbour, to share their burdens, to consider their needs, to feed their cat when they are away, to check on their welfare when they fall ill, to stand by their side when thieves assault, bully or threaten them. Neighbourliness is a foundation that builds upon the family as a means to create a safe, tolerant and peaceable society.

The recent Referendum on the EU has brought many strains on neighbourliness. Why?

Divide and Rule Politics.

To create a powerbase, political parties have determined, over time, that the people need to be set against one another.  Working class against middle class, old against young, rich against poor, men against women, white against non-white. By creating false divisions, by maintaining injustices, the people can be distracted from their real enemies – the Establishment of politicians and corporatists who enslave us all: The working class and the middle class, old and young, rich and poor, men and women, white and non-white. By maintaining a tenuous balance, the powers-that-be rotate. Red for a while, blue for a while. A bit of Labour, then a bit of Conservative.  Divided, ruled.

PMQs with Going Postal, 29th June 2016

Going Postal

PMQs live stream here on Going Postal TV

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Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Judas was paid, Going Postal
Please don’t hurt Dorothy: Public enemy number one

Dorothy is 92. She is a gentle soul. She has never hurt a fly in her entire life. It is now forty years since she lost her beloved Arthur. They had been together for 25 years when he died, the result of silicosis. She lives alone, in a small bungalow in Lytham St Annes, their dream home although a dream that Arthur never lived to see. She has a small pension and is content with her lot. Living through the war years taught her that it is foolish to hanker after small things when there are much larger matters to contend with.

Dorothy is a wise old owl. She has managed to save as well as pay her bills. (She has never seen a final demand in her entire life.) She has a few shares and £400 in Premium bonds which she keeps there just in case her gas fire needs replacing.

Not blessed with children Dorothy and Arthur have always had a special fondness for her two nieces. They are her next of kin. Her cat Tommy is her surrogate child. She muses gently, “I really don’t know what I will do if I ever lose him. He’s my baby.”

The Swinging Sixties

Combat Dave, Going Postal

After this week’s momentous majority decision by the UK’s populace to leave Europe, I have noticed people slowly regaining their pride with each new minute of realisation. Then, I noticed the nostalgia for the "Good Old Times" creeping back.

It just so happens that I’m currently reading "Bestie", the authorised biography of George Best. (I know, I know, he dies in the end).

I have just reached the part where George plays his first game against Fulham at Craven Cottage and needless to say the author mentions the glamour at the time of the Swinging Sixties. And how Best was the sixth Beatle (Or was that Jimmy Tarbuck? A funny, funny man right up there with Lenny Henry).

Monday, 27 June 2016

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And then there were none

Vir Brexitus, Going Postal
I walked into the count steeled for a Remain win. We'd spent the last few hours, in grotty weather, 'getting out the vote' in a strong Remainer area - but someone had to do it as of course every single vote counted.

I heard the poll prediction: 52-48 to Remain. I'd psychologically prepared myself for such a tight result - I joked with fellow Outers that there was always the Conservative civil war to look forward to.

Then the Newcastle and Sunderland results came in. Were those margins expected? The markets said not. Then the results from elsewhere trickled in. Radio in my ear, it was clear that the North was doing the country proud. Swindon was for leave - was that expected? Swansea, too - that was supposed to go the other way. Alistair Campbell was admitting he was nervous, Prof. John Curtice and the other talking heads were now speaking in terms of when Brexit happens, not if. The markets also continued to give their verdict.

We voted for Brexit, not Purgatory - Action This Day!

Going Postal
Stop Faffing!

If Asda has a change of policy, they don't shut shop for three months. They implement as they sell. If they did close all their stores, in such manner, it would be forever.

Cameron has put the whole cause on ice for three months. That has created a power vacuum into which all sorts of mischief is emerging. The so-called petition has 2,369 signatures from the British Antarctic territory; 33,000 from the Vatican City and tens of thousands from the US. It's addresses have been created by a computer script. It is meaningless to the whole world except to that unlawfully unregistered political party, the BBC. Worse still, we now discover it is a 4-chan prank and the BBC has failed to check it.

But even worse than that, we could be getting on and building our new trading bloc, free of any political overtones, starting with the entire Commonwealth. This is really positive work which will bring growth and prosperity to not only ourselves but to our partners.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Question Time EU Special, 26th June 2016

Question Time with Going-Postal.Net

David Dimbleby presents a Question Time EU Special 1830.

The Sunday Sermon with Going Postal, 26th June 2016

Going Postal

“We’re England & Wales. .  .”

Hallelujah brothers and sisters, praise be to the Lord. Victory! The vicar is mightily impressed with the hard work put in, purpose shown and belief in the final result by the congregation. There was only ever going to be one outcome. I hope those of you here Thursday night, Friday morning enjoyed the ride, at one point I thought the Internet was broken the numbers went so mad – In fairness I had been knocking back the communion wine in quantity, regardless of that I will still remember it forever.

Tomorrow belongs to me HQ (HD restored Audio) der morgige Tag ist mein

Saturday, 25 June 2016

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I Have An Idea...

Nigel Farage has given wonderful leadership to the UK - without ever having been elected to its parliament. This may be due to unlawful interference with the democratic process by his enemies – we shall see.

But let not anyone make any mistake. The Referendum and its consequent outcome, would never have happened had it not been for him.

For that, I propose he should be given an Earldom. No paltry honours like a knighthood. He is the person who has made the greatest contribution to this nation in this millennium - so far. He then need not sit for parliament, where he would be wasted, frankly.

Brexit: Result!

We won!

Schrödinger's cat, Going Postal
Awful man - why won't he just go away?

The above concludes my Result Summary. No time here for post mortems as there are pressing issues arising from the outcome of the Referendum vote, starting with the Leader of the Remain campaign.

Nothing in his term of office (un)became him like the leaving it. It is yet another Horlicks from either a desperately incompetent or badly advised man. He should have stepped down and a suitable caretaker appointed. Instead we have to wait until after the Party Conference.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

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This is OUR Independence Day

Stay Puft, Going Postal

Maybe it’s a coincidence or maybe someone who works in distribution at 20th Century Fox has a sly sense of humour, because Independence Day: Resurgence, the sequel to the cheesy 1996 blockbuster, opens in the UK on Thursday, June 23rd.

Whether coincidence or not, it is most apt, for June 23 is indeed our Independence Day. Throughout recent weeks, the Leave campaign have quite rightly put forward the various arguments for why leaving the EU will benefit us. But I am of the belief that one shouldn’t even have to justify something which is so fundamental to any country: sovereignty. That is all that matters to me. The most basic thing for a nation is to be sovereign; to be able to determine its own future without hindrance. My philosophy is: good or bad, sovereignty is paramount.

The Slightly Scuffed but Exceedingly Comfortable Suede Brogue of Sovereignty


Colin Cross smiled wryly as he waited by the car in the drive, he and his wife were preparing for a trip “down south” to visit their children and grandchildren. He knew, based on past experience that Mrs C would be just a little longer in getting ready to leave than the 15 minutes she claimed.

As was Colin’s wont, when he had a bit of time to himself, he started to think about the current state of things, it had been 4 years since the referendum and Colin, approaching his 69th birthday, wondered at the positive changes already in evidence and those still to come.
Colin had been a vociferous campaigner for Leave and had been overjoyed when the vote result came in delivering a 58.5% to 41.5% majority in favour of that very position. Colin even knew of a certain Welsh church going odd job man that had retired on the proceeds of his spread betting on the outcome.

Coloniescross, Going Postal
Lake District

The Crosses were lucky to live in The Lake District, a wonderful part of the United Kingdom. It had been revitalised in recent years by a surge in tourism from around the world and a boost to the local economy created by relaxation in planning laws and a 50 million pound affordable homes scheme (made possible by not paying into EU coffers). This scheme, endorsed by UKAP and supported by the RCP, ensured that local young people could live and work in the area where they were born, should they so choose.  Sensible policies regarding the purchase of second homes, coupled with the end of Free Movement and the tightening of border controls had led to a huge reduction both in net migration numbers and spending on benefits, while allowing tight public service budgets to be spent on those things most needed. Proper pension provision, new school buildings, better training for teachers, nurses and social workers were things all now coming on stream as a benefit of leaving the EU.
The village itself was thriving, with a busy popular pub (run by a lovely Italian couple and staffed by seasonal European and local workers) and school. For the first time in years the population (of the village) was increasing due to the stabilisation of the economy, meaning the balance of older and younger residents gave it a real community feel, unencumbered by either unmanageable levels of diversity or enrichment. Not to say that there wasn’t a good mix of people, the local doctor and his family were of Indian descent,  a West Indian family ran a local pig farm, the landlords 3 kids all went to the local school and there were two gay couples, it was just, balanced.

Turkey "flabbergasted" by David Cameron's lies

Don Quixote, Going Postal

A senior Turkish official has accused UK Prime Minister David Cameron of abandoning Ankara in its bid to join the EU as the PM fights his Brexit referendum campaign.

Chief presidential adviser İlnur Çevik said the Cameron’s apparent U-turn had left Turks “flabbergasted,” because Cameron had previously been very supportive of Ankara joining the bloc.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Tomorrow, Im Voting for Flo..

Eraser of Love, Going-Postal.Net
Flo at the beach, circa 1965
18 Months ago I was standing next to and old Girl with her East Ham Barrow (Shopping Trolley) in a bus queue In Green street after going back to meet up with East Ham Dave, My Dad for a beer.

I couldn't help notice a haunted Look carved into her features while she nibbled piecemeal at a tiny Percy Ingel Turnover. I got chatting to her while we waited for the bus . Her Name was Flo. During our Chat we witnessed A Polish Tramp having a lie down Outside Upton Park station who had shitted clean through his cream jogging bottoms. A group of at least 30 Roma Types Drinking heavily outside Icelands and dancing to a tune being played on an accordian. Flo Explained to me that they Were there every night from 4pm waiting for the shop to shut at 6pm, then it was straight round the back to the skip where the days best before expired food was thrown. EU Freegans.

The EU Referendum - My thoughts; my vote

We are one day away from casting our votes in what for many, will count as one of the biggest decisions of their lifetime. I’ll try to keep it simple, but this is the story of how I intend to vote and how I came to that decision. My story starts in 1975, when as a 13-year-old kid with no outlook on the world, my Dad rounded up myself and a few of my friends, gave us a few bob to spend in the local sweetshop and told us to stand outside the Polling Station at the Church Hall, to ask people to vote No to staying in the European Economic Community (EEC). Upon asking why, he replied ‘They lied to take us in and they are lying to us now!’ It meant nothing to us at the time, but the promise of a few Blackjacks and a Jubbly sent us down there at a trot! We duly stayed for as long as we thought that we’d earned our sweets and left, thinking no more about it. ‘Stay’ won the day with 66% of the vote and we stayed in - who ever listens to kids? However, my Dad’s words never left me and as I grew up and took an interest in the world around me, I came to understand exactly what he was talking about…

Right from the very start of this Campaign, I urged people in my social network to do their own research; to eschew the Mainstream Media (MSM) and be pragmatic. The reason I made this plea was because many take as Gospel what they read in newspapers and see on television, not realising that many of these outlets follow an agenda set either by their owners and/or by the Government. One of the routes I took was somewhat different; I tried to take an outsider’s view by scouring the internet for stories written in other countries and seeing what they had to say. A lot of the articles I read made for some pretty uncomfortable reading; it is fair to say that the UK, and in particular, England, are not very well liked by the political elite in many of the countries that make up the European Union. We are difficult, they say; we create barriers where there should be none; we wish to choose from an a la carte menu of things we want and don’t want, which doesn’t fit in with the European dream of ever-closer union. What these countries won’t admit though, is that they also want what is best for them, and who in their right mind wouldn’t?

Immigration - Not a ‘Toxic’ Topic : Part 4…..Summary


‘On Immigration’, a process...not ‘On Immigrants’, who are people.

Vote LEAVE - Take Control

It is a duty to discuss immigration and its control. To the political movements that have sought to silence discourse on this subject, who have made the subject socially toxic, shame on you all.

Steve Hilton, former adviser to David Cameron the Prime Minister, has admitted what we all know to be true. Whilst the UK continues its membership of the EU, the UK Government can not control immigration. In this admission, Steve Hilton demonstrates that democracy is dead and that the Prime Minister is prepared to lie to the people. Shamelessness appears second nature in the cess pit of UK politics in the 21st Century.

Preaching With Kipper : Nigel 'The Saint of Killers' Farage

Mr Kipper, Going-Postal.Net
The Saint                                         The Savior

Our Nigel is much like the fabled Saint of Killers. They were born into infamy out of being wronged. The Saint, wronged by a man named Gumbo McCready, a man who directly caused the death of the Saint's wife and daughter. Our Nigel, wronged by his party and his government. Having his nations sovereignty gradually eroded by a continent wide superstate now known as the European Union.

Sovereignty which our forefathers laid down their lives for. What would they think of us now. Our leaders willingly and knowingly signing away our rights, our freedoms and our democracy. What would they think of 40%+ of people who will willingly vote away these essential liberties. The very liberties that so many died defending.

The saint is a servant of God, once a mere mortal, he is now an immortal assassin of the all mighty. His path was born out of pure unrefined hatred. Hatred for Gumbo McCready a man who caused the slow and painful death of his wife and daughter. McCready ended up killing , the mortal, Saint like a coward after one of McCready's crew blindsided the saint with a shovel. The Saint's hatred ran so deep that it froze hell over, his soul was so cold the devil himself couldn't handle it. This was a man so full of hate he went to hell and left his mark, killing the devil himself before he was on his way. What had been created was a being with such a lack of remorse, a being that could only feel hate, which was on a long, but inevitable path to kill its creator.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

EU Referendum: The Great Debate


LBC's Final EU Debate: Farage v Heseltine

The Highly Polished Jackboot of Freedom; Epilogue

Coloniescross, Going-Postal.Net
Colin Cross smiled wryly at the epithet emblazoned on the structure that sheltered him;

In words 6 inches high it read “This bus stop and seven others like it throughout this region were made possible by the 5 million Euro Rural Bus Waiting Area’s Fund”.

It had been 5 years since the referendum and Colin, approaching his 70th birthday, wondered at the changes already in evidence and those still to come.

Kleptocantocracy: Familiar?

Do you remember back to those dark days of February? On the 27th to be precise.

Monday, 20 June 2016

We Want Our Country Back Gateshead with Going Postal

“The king has said he's gonna put a tax on tea, and that's the reason y'all Americans drink coffee”

Jamies Magtic Torch, Going-Postal.Net

Does the situation where British people are dictated to by a group of people that they have not elected, nor have any democratic way of removing, sound familiar?  In the eighteenth century, this was the reality for people living in the Thirteen Colonies of America.  More than one hundred years after the first British settlers had arrived in America in 1620, they had come to regard themselves as American both geographically and culturally, but, many still considered themselves as British in both a legal and political sense, and Britain did of course still have legal and political influence over the colonies.  By 1776 the people of the Thirteen Colonies had managed to break free from the control of Britain so as to make their own way in the World, which on balance doesn’t seem to have turned out too badly for them!

It is often argued that the full separation of the American colonies from Britain was inevitable.  In part this was thought to be due to the adventurous and risk taking nature of the people that first went over and settled there.  These pioneers undertook a perilous journey across the Atlantic, to a land unknown to them.  Subsequently, breaking the ties with Britain to ‘go it alone’ held no fear for them.   The settlers were different to those they left behind in that they were generally farmers and craftsmen who did not share the values of the aristocracy or the labouring poor.  This led to the establishment of a society that was not as hierarchical as England.  The emigrants included many religious refugees who did not share the same religious views and practices of those in England.  The American Colonies were arguably ruled by a Britain that was fundamentally different, and with the passing of time these differences grew as the colonies became established and evolved.  This led to a drift further away from the values and culture of the ‘mother country’, possibly advancing the argument that separation was indeed inevitable.  King George III and his ministers often shaped their empire through their policies, and some of these certainly antagonised the American Colonies.  Historian P.D.G Thomas stated that in all likelihood, American independence was accelerated by up to fifty years due to inept ministers in Whitehall.

Time to serve the divorce papers

Judas was paid, Going-Postal.Net

Leaving Church this morning I heard the organist play his concluding piece; Pomp and Circumstance March No 4 by Sir Edward Elgar. It was interesting to see how many lingered to hear it.

I have been pondering the Referendum, and as this is Sunday I shall attempt to express my feelings in an appropriate way.

I attended a wedding last Friday. The couple were criminally young, just 24 years old. It was a lovely occasion and to see two people in the mid-morning of their lives, the rosy bloom of youth still evident upon their faces pledge to live in mutual devotion through all of the mysterious possibilities of the future was quite heart-warming and uplifting. It caused me to consider my own situation, and indeed my own marriage. I found myself asking the question, “What is the basis upon which my marriage is built? What is the ground upon which we both stand? What is the bond that brought and keeps us together, despite what may happen to us along the way?” My answer is simple and in no way sentimental; it is because we love each other. I do not mean the kind of love that is portrayed so freely these days, a marshmallow, sickly, fluffy, intoxicating, ephemeral kind of love. I mean the more substantial, robust, dutiful, all-encompassing kind of love that (hopefully) is a sufficiently powerful thing to bring us through all of the opportunities and challenges of the future. Solid. Dependable. Sacrificial.  That is what binds us. At least I hope so.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Question Time EU Special with David Cameron, 19th June 2016

Question Time with Going-Postal.Net

David Dimbleby presents the second of two special editions of Question Time. Prime minster David Cameron MP answers questions on the case for remaining in the European Union from an audience in Milton Keynes.

A note to the Left

Judas was paid, Going-Postal.Net

It hurts when one of your own is done away with, violently and without warning. Many in Britain have experienced the same thing in their own lives. An understandable part of the response, indeed a recognised stage of the bereavement process is a sense of deep anger and rage. However, as civilised people we are required to subsume a desire to retaliate and to allow the judicial process to be done, hoping (against hope sometimes) that they will ensure a vicarious retribution.

I am therefore unable to understand the Left’s response to the murder of Jo Cox. As recently, and as quickly as last Friday morning that mouthpiece of the Left James Obrien stated in his radio programme that the Brexiteers were too quick to diagnose madness and not motive to her killer Thomas Mair. In an appallingly distasteful follow up he stated that the Right were not that quick to diagnose paranoid schizophrenia to the killer of Lee Rigby. When I heard that I said to myself, but understanding and a desire to find reasons for even the worst of crimes is not a Right Wing approach, it is the way of the Left; these are your rules, not ours.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

“But am betroth'd unto your enemy”

Roger Ackroyd, Going-Postal.Net
I have discovered in this life of some 68 years that coincidence of events and thoughts is much more prevalent than one might expect in a world where one’s senses can be assailed on any number of things from any number of sources. And that an understanding of history and literature and the place of literature within that history can throw up remarkable and unwonted alliances. (Ask any present-day student, even of English, to define “unwonted” and I suspect a large majority would say “not required” rather than its true meaning of “unusual” or “exceptional”. But I digress).

Brexit: Reveille

Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominions beyond the Seas Queen, Defender of the Faith, Duchess of Edinburgh, Countess of Merioneth, Baroness Greenwich, Duke of Lancaster, Lord of Mann, Duke of Normandy, Sovereign of the Most Honourable Order of the Garter, Sovereign of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, Sovereign of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle, Sovereign of the Most Illustrious Order of Saint Patrick, Sovereign of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, Sovereign of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Sovereign of the Distinguished Service Order, Sovereign of the Imperial Service Order, Sovereign of the Most Exalted Order of the Star of India, Sovereign of the Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire, Sovereign of the Order of British India, Sovereign of the Indian Order of Merit, Sovereign of the Order of Burma, Sovereign of the Royal Order of Victoria and Albert, Sovereign of the Royal Family Order of King Edward VII, Sovereign of the Order of Merit, Sovereign of the Order of the Companions of Honour, Sovereign of the Royal Victorian Order, Sovereign of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem.

There is a lovely elderly couple, both now in their nineties, who have put the cause of the Great British Peoples in front of their own comfort for sixty three years. They don't get a vote in the forthcoming referendum.

There is a manifest sense in which this is most unfair. They have unceasingly represented to the world the hopes and aspirations of sixty five million people in our islands and well over a billion people on the face of this planet.

Unlike us, they get no opportunity to retire.

As with most families, the woman is in charge, whilst the man is dutiful and discrete (at times).

She has been served by the two greatest prime ministers which this country has ever had the fortune to produce - both in dire times of need. She also drove army supply trucks in the war, not to mention being a vehicle mechanic, before she became the head of our entire armed forces.