Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Preaching with Kipper: Fuck Communism

Communism is: "a social, political, and economic ideology and movement whose ultimate goal is the establishment of the communist society, which is a socioeconomic order structured upon the common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money, and the state."

Fuck communism. Fuck it. Fucking Fuck it. B..b...but isn't the idea of everyone sharing everything and having free food and a never ending stream of money and free stuff coming from the state lovely? No. Grow up. The idea that any old chuffer is entitled to the fruits of another man's labour is immoral. Socialism, communism and income tax is theft. Theft is immoral. You are entitled to the fruits of your labour. Not to that of others. This is essential to freedom. The principle that a person’s monitory worth is merely a representation of their skills, how hard they work and how frugal they are. The idea that another person is entitled to the fruits of another man’s labour is fundamental to all left wing thinking. And this is why, despite the warm and loving embrace of Mrs Kipper, I say Fuck Communism. Fuck its immorality fuck its attempt to justify theft, fuck its ability to corrupt young minds and fuck the misery, death and suffering it brings to those who it is enacted upon. At the end of the day I'm just 19, but I'm sure most of you chaps and chappetts will remember the fall of the Berlin wall. I've merely heard accounts from my relatives and seen videos, videos of people so overcome with joy that they could leave East Berlin. So are the joys of communism that people needed to be penned in against their will. Communism caused misery. Communism is evil.

Communism So Good They Had to Build a Wall

Brexit: A Left Wing Call to Arms

Rorschach, Going-Postal.Net
Crush your enemies
False consciousness has claimed numerous victims over the years, clouding the judgement of many a member of the proletariat to forgo their own interests and aid those of the upper and capitalist classes. Today we face yet another outbreak of this disease. Some prominent comrades appear to have convinced themselves and hope to convince others that "another Europe is possible", a so called "social Europe". Precisely how an entity like the EU, setup by capitalists, for capitalists and run by capitalists that didn't hesitate bringing the Greek people to their knees for their own greedy self-interest can miraculously metamorphise to one that serves the needs of the average man, woman and child in Europe is hard to imagine.

These misguided comrades are naive collaborators of profiteers, exploiters, privatisers, bankers and multinationals. They are the allies of CEOs and big business. Their actions do nothing to further the cause of socialism. They will receive no gratitude from the capitalist elites for showing such craven sycophancy.

Comrades, we have in our grasp a unique opportunity to strike back against the neoliberal agenda that has eviscerated the post war settlement, sold off taxpayer owned industries at a loss and redistributed wealth upwards so that today there is the utterly perverse situation of the richest 10% owning 50% of income, while the poorest 50% only own 7%. Some comrades argue that choosing to stay in the EU is the lesser evil, that the EU will at least protect workers’ rights whereas a UK outside the EU could potentially be governed by the right wing of the Tory Party who would pursue a policy of Thatcherism on steroids.

David Cameron - the Patriot

Don Quixote © 

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Immigration - Not a ‘Toxic’ Topic…..(Part 1)

Ang Ryman, Going-Postal.Net


“….I pity the poor immigrant
Who wishes he would've stayed home
Who uses all his power to do evil
But in the end is always left so alone
That man whom with his fingers cheats
And who lies with ev'ry breath
Who passionately hates his life
And likewise fears his death…..” Bob Dylan.

But this written offering is not about immigrants. It’s about Immigration. A simple word which engenders an increasingly emotional response when mentioned in a political or social context. The process of immigration when broached in conversation can attract accusations of racism, xenophobia, extremism and other stigmatising terms to those who wish to talk. These accusations come from those who find it uncomfortable or inconvenient to talk about immigration and these accusations have been encouraged by a political class. Thus, immigration is a subject that has become ‘toxic’, one which could result in social rejection and personal or professional ramifications if discussed in the ‘wrong’ company. We recognise this as ‘Political Correctness’. My mother would testify that I am far from obedient and I confess that I have always shunned Political Correctness - so let’s talk about immigration!

I’d like to firstly remove emotion for a moment, and after that moment has passed, I would welcome the continuance of a state of removed emotion and submission to reason and accrued human understanding. Secondly, I’d like to submit to the wording of the Oxford English Dictionary.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Incubus - Megalomaniac


Dedicated to Junker and Cameron

Brexit: The Financial Case

OK, at last we come to Finance. A word which has never been understood by socialists, who think that money grows on trees. Unfortunately, the Conservatives have ceased to believe in Finance as well. They don't understand what makes money - outside of their little cocoon.

So I shall start with this instead: Colourless green ideas sleep furiously - It was a phrase created by Noam Chomsky to illustrate how a syntactically valid sentence could end up as utter semantic bullshit.

But what does it mean?

No matter how one might view this odd statements failings, it is way more coherent than anything ever uttered by George Osborne - or the Treasury.

UK debt now stands at £1.7tn or £47,000 for every taxpayer in absolute terms. This does not include personal debt, such as mortgages and loans. Currently, the average UK income is around £26,500 before tax. How is all this debt to be paid off?

Friday, 27 May 2016

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun


The Highly Polished Jackboot of Freedom (Part Four) Solving the Eastern Question.

Coloniescross, Going-Postal.Net

Communiqué to all Committee members from Central Committee (Need to Know Only)

It has been some weeks since the makeup of both the Central and Western governing councils of Europia were announced, much of the intervening period has been taken up with long and often heated debate as to which politicians, business people and media professionals from what was Eastern Europe had the experience and the “understanding” to assist in driving forward the Europia project.

During these debates, often lasting deep into the night, we had cause to reflect on how much easier it would have been to form this regional council had the likes of Norman Wisdom, Nicolai Ceausescu and Ion Iliescu still been either alive, active in politics or both, given that the Eastern region, although now bolstered by its Turkish bulwark, lacks the stability of the Western and Central Regions. It was noted that Council members would need to be people of good standing in their own former countries and it was also acknowledged that finding such people, especially in the short to medium term, may well have been a challenge too great.

So the meetings and the searching questions continued;

Should the Eastern Europian Council be dominated by Greek and Turkish members and if so could we afford the hospital bills?

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Question Time with Going Postal, 26th May 2016

Question Time with Going-Postal.Net

Question Time from ? On the panel: Labour's former leader Ed Miliband MP, Conservative former shadow home secretary David Davis MP, the Green Party's former leader Caroline Lucas MP, crime writer Dreda Say Mitchell and David Cameron's former director of strategy Steve Hilton.

Brexit and the EU Referendum - Hitler's view

H/t DJ MJ 

Adam for the video

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Burning Man 2015 Stop Motion Music Video Set by Peter Ruprecht and Music by Scumfrog


PMQs with Going Postal, 25th May 2016

PMQs live stream here on Going Postal TV

Operation Starvation

DH, Going-Postal.Net
Space cadet
"Honestly George, I had really never seen anything like it before," gushed David Cameron,  excitedly. "It was like a sort of ghastly foodbank the size of an aircraft hangar."

George Osborne furrowed his brow and leaned forward in the Chesterfield armchair he was embedded in. "And you say the proles can just wander in to this place at any time and forage for food?"

"Yes, apparently they call it 'the weekly shop'," beamed the Prime Minister, chuckling. "You might want to mention that in your Autumn Statement, George. It'll make you sound like you're on their side. You have my full blessing to make it up to a penny cheaper."

The Chancellor let out an approving murmur, pulled out a notepad and started carefully writing the quaint phrase out in block capitals.

"What did Harman think?," he grunted, without looking up from his calligraphic endeavours.

"Not much, really, " began the Prime Minister, swinging his Oxford brogues up onto his desk. "She kept banging on about the Equality Act and asking where the designated female-only safe space was. I got sick of it after a while and just left her in the cereal aisle. Said she'd been triggered by a packet of Coco Pops. She's probably still there. Who knows?"

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Fifth Harmony - Work from Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign


Pete Dohertys Victorian Refugee Collection Bucket

Eraser of Love. Going-Postal.Net
Dear Sir,

With reference to my earlier posting  of my Good Lady Jo's, Pete Doherty Calais Collection bucket experience in The Hackney Empire Picture Palace.

I almost forgot in my Incandescent Fury,  that My Wife   took  a 'selfie ' as i believe it is known as in modern parlance, yesterday (Sunday!) afternoon, clearly in breech  of the Treaty she has signed with the Good Lord on the Tabernacle.

Eraser of Love. Going-Postal.Net
Vigorous investigation unearthed that it was in aid of a  Refugee charity for Doctor Livingstones expedition of  French Equatorial Africa. Most Tiresome.

My Irritation was sated at the sight of her in full bloom, Bare of Make up  she looked as if she had stepped straight from the pages of a Jane Austin novel. Pure of character, wholesome, an English rose, if you will.

Eraser of Love. Going-Postal.Net

Ignorance Rides Shotgun

Roger Ackroyd, Going-Postal.Net
Trafalgar Square
I think many of us read Coloniescross’ piece (Wilf Robson, Smithy, People and Places) and recognised the world that we grew up and which, as L.P.Hartley so pointedly remarked, is now a distant land. I was born four years before Coloniescross – in 1947 – into a household that had jumped in one generation from a Birmingham back-to-back to what was then a half-decent middle class tree-lined road in Hall Green. This leap was due, in most part, to my father who was only too aware of his lowly beginnings and was determined to ensure that his family prospered. There were no “benefits”, certainly nothing that my father would ever have dreamt of claiming anyway.  The country had to be rebuilt after the war and unemployment levels were the lowest (below 2%) and remained that way for most of the 50’s. The sense of belonging to a country that had suffered badly but which had now arrived into the sunshine of a better day was not only intimately understood but also never in question. Holidays were taken in such places as Perranporth, Barmouth and Dunster and we kids could play in and around the concrete pill-boxes that littered the countryside and beaches. We knew what those pill-boxes represented and instinctively we knew our place in history – which brings me to the nub of this piece.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Getting Away With It


Betray your people and the end can be unpleasant

Nicolae Ceaușescu and wife

Ceaușescu and his wife Elena fled the capital with Emil Bobu and Manea Mănescu and headed, by helicopter, for Ceaușescu's Snagov residence, whence they fled again, this time for Târgoviște. Near Târgoviște they abandoned the helicopter, having been ordered to land by the army, which by that time had restricted flying in Romania's airspace. The Ceaușescus were held by the police while the policemen listened to the radio. They were eventually turned over to the army.

Balls Bashing Brexiteer

Ms Jenkyns kindly agreed to a publicity shot

Andrea Marie Jenkyns (born 16 June 1974) is a British Conservative politician.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Tales from EoL, the Ronnie Corbett Soliloquy, Pt III

Eraser of Love, Going-Postal.Net
Ronnie Lane
Just read that Brooklyn Beckham has been released by Arsenal. Must be difficult if he is only going to be conference standard or worse people will always compare him to his dad.

ive always found it hard living in the footsteps of my father , East ham dave, of east ham.

his membership number is 00000000000002 at the east ham working mens club.

he had a affair with stephanie desyks.

He sold french blues to dave dee dozy beaky mick and titch in 1964 which resulted in titch falling off the stage at east ham granada

He had a drink with jesus christ otherwise known as robert powell in a hotel bar.

he once punched stevie marriot in the nose in forest gate pub in 1963.

he played harmonica with ronnie lane in a skiffle band in upton park.

every song he plays on said harmonica sounds like the old grey whistle test theme tune.

I'm voting remain because BREXIT means we will have a democratically elected government

Kipper, Going-Postal.Net
Paul Mason, more accurately Paul Mason cunt graduate, of cuntonomics and professional cuntonomist. Now as we all know democracy, or lack thereof, is at the heart of any real thinkers' distain for the European Union. It's why I will be voting Leave, it's why my lovely grandmother voted No in 75 and why she will be voting Leave in 2016. It's why Mrs Kipper fled the land of her birth to come to rainy Yorkshire. Democracy is embedded in our nation’s history and our culture. The right to elect those who govern is the essence of freedom.

A Degree’s Degree of Worth…..

Ang Ryman, Going-Postal.Net
A view from the North

Our country has witnessed a huge change in ‘higher’ education in the preceding quarter of a century. Degrees awarded in higher education institutions in the UK have risen from 108,487 in 1990, to 545,470 in 2011[1]. The university sector has expanded, reducing the number of young earning a living and contributing to the economy at an early stage in their lives. In some cases, this is a positive thing as our economy changes and ‘digital skills’ become imperative and greater training is required to meet the challenges that the future will present.

Of course the expansion in education has been fuelled by the favourite device of many recent governments. Free money. As a business proposition, the University game has its attractions. A good PR campaign is essential. At 9 grand a pop, every eight students will cover a comfortable average salary for the Profs; get 400 students on your department role and – kerr-ching! – a £3.6M budget, that’s before you charm the various academic funding NGO’s and GO’s that have control of a chunk of tax payers’ money for ‘research'. But the really nice part is that the customer doesn’t need the money to pay. It’s created out of thin air, written as debt onto the future of the unsuspecting customer. Now where is number of that PR firm, we need bodies?

Whilst understanding mathematics is key if one is to progress in the pure or applied sciences, the proportion of young people predisposed to excel at cerebral machinations has not altered in the last 25 years. To my knowledge there is no evidence to suggest an evolutionary shift in mankind’s cerebral abilities, so there is no room for expansion in those fields of study without steering more students of high ability towards them. But lawyers, accountants and tax advisors get paid more, and as they say – money talks.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

New Radicals - You Get What You Give


Tales from EoL, the Ronnie Corbett Soliloquy, Pt II

Eraser of Love, Going-Postal.Net

Its those fleeting moments in time .. those exchanges that pass in the blink of an eye.So small in time you could say they never happened at all.

Sitting slumped in my chair contemplating my return to work tomorrow after 2 weeks off while Mrs Eraser catches up on 'location, location, location' , I remember a capital gadge called Dave the Gardener from my 7 year sabbatical in Brentwood, Essex.

Dave was a casualty of the 80's/90's Soho dojo of TV/RADIO Advertising .As was the fashion those days , Dave Managed to acquire a Kibble (coke) habit of such magnitude he Made mine look like Katherine Jenkins 'My cocaine hell' Blockbuster, in the News of the WorLd a few years ago when the Dramatic Welsh tart thought about going into rehab after being at a party when she witnessed the bloke out of Brush strokes "snort a white substance from a l.p. cover"...'Although it might not have been the bloke out of Brush strokes, it might have been the bloke out of Lovejoy'

Brexit: The Economic Case

Cameron and Jowett behaving like the world's greatest? - C'mon!

Ignoranti quem portum petat, nullus suus ventus est
If a man does not know to what port he is steering, no wind is favourable to him
Seneca - Epistolæ, LXXI, 3

Economics is defined by many as a science - it is not - for the very simple reason that what is adduced as 'Knowledge' in Economics, does not always submit to testing of its veracity - better known as the 'Scientific Method'. So it does not fall under any formal description, nor any empirical one. One is left with the flaky, and often downright fraudulent, category of 'social science'. To which description one is entitled to respond 'Pah!' as it ranks alongside astrology and Morris dancing for deserved ridicule. That may be grossly unfair to Morris dancing.

Unfortunately we cannot dismiss Economics entirely though, as it contains many financial implications for us. We shall look at these next week so, for now, we will consider anything which examines goods or services in terms of provision and consumption.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Smash Mouth - All Star


Pilchard Sac: A retro-retrospective, Part I

Hugh Jeego, Going-Postal.Net
UK Pink Floyd Experience at Monmouth

When the manuscript of the definitive history of British Prog Rock lands with a resounding  Carl Palmeresque thump  on the desk, or more likely, arrives with a Brian Enoesque squiggly-blip in the email inbox, of the publisher, there will, no doubt, be a number of unexpected chapters therein. I suspect that none will be quite as unexpected as that devoted to the now sadly forgotten English heptet Pilchard Sac. In their time, Pilchard Sac (or “the Sac” as they were known to their hundreds of fans) were almost up there with Caravan, Soft Machine and Egg in the glorious constellation of the exponents of the rural, southern, more specifically Kentish, even more specifically Canterbury sound. This is an attempt to provide a small taster of what The Sac have to offer, in a necessarily curtailed wordy journey through a career variously described as “odd”, “far too long” and “not quite as unpleasant as I’d feared”. So, let’s start the ball rolling with a list of the dramatis personae, the drivers and passengers of a band which famously once declared “we’ll never sack anyone again” after letting Robert Fripp go, on the rather spurious grounds that “he has a weird name”;

  • Andy Standlove - Vocals, tambourine, flugelhorns, principal song writing
  • Bernie Barton - Lead guitar, mandolin, sitar
  • Steven Soderbad (“Soda Bread”) – Bass guitar, double-bass, cello, viola
  • Geoff Dorman - Drums, percussion, timpani, gongs, principal music writing
  • David Gilburn – Violin, tin whistle, occasional tabla
  • John Gilburn – Recorder, “electronic sounds”
  • Sally Ellison – backing vocals, jazz-dancing, primal screams

Wilf Robson, Smithy, People and Places, A Reminiscense

Coloniescross, Going-Postal.Net
London 1945
I was born in 1951, one of the last generation of people in the UK to be allocated a ration card, and grew up in a world so far removed from the one I now inhabit that it takes some believing.

I am lucky in that I remember quite vividly things from my childhood that have contributed to who I am and to my bewilderment at the current state of affairs.

It is almost beyond belief that within 70 years of the end of the “war to end all wars”, the victor over a tyrannical national socialist political and military movement, a once free and proud sovereign nation, could be on the brink of becoming a vassal state of a group of nations created as part of a failed social experiment that is little different from the NAZI dream it fought so hard to defeat.

That the experiment is doomed to failure even more quickly if the UK votes to Leave only makes the whole thing seem even more absurd than it actually is, if that is at all possible.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Question Time with Going Postal, 19th May 2016

Question Time with Going-Postal.Net

Question Time from Walsall. On the panel: Socialist Amber Rudd, socialist hypocrite Yvette Cooper, socialist pervert Tim Farron, hero of the people Paul Nuttall and from the BBC communist (Ed. tautology) Paul Mason.

Fun Lovin' Criminals - Scooby Snacks (L.A.)


Somewhere beyond the Kuiper Belt

Eraser of Love, Going-Postal.Net
The Kuiper Belt

I can only hope the EU colonise a comet in order to espouse and terraform their multi cultural, non sexist, non homophobic EUtopia to non carbon based lifeforms And dormant D.N.A. in the barren and harsh wilderness of extreme gravity and electro magnetic storms somewhere beyond the Kuiper belt. As long as its not here in North Chingford, where the all powerful life form Ian Duncan Smith rules his fiefdom like Ronnie Kray the Beast wing in Rampton.

Friends Will Be Friends, Friends!

LeftyLiesRefuted, Going-Postal.Net
Our Jeremy
Hello, friends, and a very warm welcome to you all from me and Jeremy, who sends Fraternal Greetings to you all, along with a firm pledge that when Labour sweeps to power in May 2020, Going Postal will be taken back in to public ownership along with the Royal Mail, and indeed most other British companies, which as we all know, Thatcher totally destroyed.

And before I get down to the main business of this Blog, may I say a big Thank You to Friend Swiss Bob and Friend Going Postal for kindly agreeing to host this particular Blog, which - I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear - has been a victim of Far-Right Tory Austerity, along with fears of Brexit, which I know all my friends here on Going Postal are at least as worried about as I am.

Anyway, friends, I can tell that many of you are wondering what on earth today’s Blog is about – it certainly sounds as though it’s being written on a “friendly” theme!

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

DEAD RIGHT! Rising Tide


The State Opening of Parliament with Going Postal

QEII, The Going Postal Chronicle
Her Maj.

Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and Head of the Commonwealth.

German Constitution in line with Islam

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Calvin Harris - Summer


The pecuniary politics of the EU

Don Quixote, Going-Postal.Net

How the US created the EU

It should come as no surprise how determined the political elite in the US is that Britain should remain in the EU, a desire expressed by a largely ineffective recent visit by a lame duck President Obama.

For America, the EU has always been an essential tool in its political, economic and military policy and has been instrumental from its formation to how it looks today. Its origins lie in in the post war Marshall Plan and the machinations of the Central Intelligence Agency, with the goal of creating a union of prosperous capitalist countries in Western Europe to act as a bulwark against Soviet influence.

Three former intelligence officers in the Office for Strategic Services - the precursor of the CIA - would be key to what would eventually become the European Union.

Monday, 16 May 2016

The running dogs of capitalism

PaulyTicker, Going-Postal.Net
Hebden Bridge
I was born and brought up on a rough council estate in a Yorkshire town in the late sixties. My parent’s had taken advantage of the opportunity of subsidised travel to Australia, after four years living in camps resembling Nissan huts, finding jobs hard to find, and being despised as immigrants by the local populace, they returned home to Yorkshire.

Life was tough, in the early seventies most of my clothes came from the local jumble sale, school jumpers were hand knitted in unforgiving nylon by my mum.

Both parents worked their arses off to give their three kids a good upbringing, we had morals, standards and a good set of ethics which I would like to think I have passed onto my kids.

As an 18 year old, I declined university, despite having passed A levels, to start a trainee programming position with a global company. I left a couple of years later to join a PLC as a programmer, 12 years later I left to start my own company having lastly held a position as Group IT Director.

David Starkey - Postalled

Ang Ryman, Going-Postal.Net

Ang Ryman © 

Socialist say the funniest things

Stay Puft, Going-Postal.Net
We've all encountered lefties in our time, some more than others, and I'm sure we've all heard absolute corkers in our conversations with die hard socialists. I'm not talking your run of the mill "Toreez are bad" and "kill all rich people" type comments, I mean those which you can't believe a sentient human being could come out with as a serious opinion or notion.

This is one everyone can take part in, so post your favourites in the comments.

Here are some I've heard over the years.

One socialist woman I used to know had a problem with the difference in wages for manual labour workers and white collar professionals. Nothing extraordinary in that, it's a common theme in political and economic discourse. But it's how she framed her point that staggered me. She said, and I quote: "It is no more difficult for a clever or stronger person to do a job requiring cleverness or strength than it is for anyone else to do a job that is suitable for them." She was actually saying a person who has qualifications and is intelligent will always find their work easy to do!

Where to begin with such a mind blowingly nonsensical and utterly ignorant comment? Apparently all the scientists, engineers, surgeons, architects and pilots never have any difficult work to do! If they're clever enough to do a job, then they have it easy all their careers! You hear that, neuroscientists? You hear that, astrophysicists? You hear that, self-made business owner? You've got it easy!

Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Slightly Scuffed (but exceedingly comfortable) Suede Brogue of Sovereignty. PART ONE Dateline 2020.

Coloniescross, Going-Postal.Net
Much has changed in Britain over the four years since the EU referendum.  The result of which (56% Leave, 20% Remain, 20% couldn’t give a flying fart, 4% spoiled) although predicted to be earth shattering and even cataclysmic has led to a period of prosperity and safety which is unprecedented in modern times.

That it should coincide with the first four years of “The golden era of Trump” which reinforced the bond between a resurgent US and a free thinking Britain was just “icing on the cake”.

The transition back to a Sovereign United Kingdom has not been without its problems, for a short time there was a period of political uncertainty.

The Labour party, already deeply divided, actually split, however the General Election of June 2017, which followed a large number of resignations across all parties and the restructuring of constituency boundaries, created a rejuvenated HoC with 500 seats, providing the legislative platform for Britain to begin its journey back to greatness.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Brexit: The Trade Case

What is Trade?

Why do all establishment figures talk like this?

Trade is the transfer of title in goods, or services, from one entity to another - in return for which some value is received. The mechanism in which this occurs is called 'The Market'.

If you can master this simple concept, then congratulations! You already have a considerably higher degree of intelligence than any socialist alive.

The physiological condition which arises, when a communard comes face to face with this simple fact of life, is called 'Denial'. In its untreatable and terminal state, it becomes 'Denial of Denial'.

When we talk of trade, we generally mean International Trade, where the two sides of Trade occur in different countries, one of which is our own.

We used to be the greatest trading nation in the world but then something went very badly wrong. Socialism. This has, above all else, caused huge poverty and misery in the UK. In an attempt to put it right, we joined the EEC - which then metamorphosed into the EU. Regretfully, it made matters infinitely worse - in very short order.